Royalties from Radio

The concept is simple yet powerful. 

Hi, I'm Michael Zwerling, owner of KSCO NewsTalk AM 1080, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Salinas, San Jose, We are proud to be known as the nation's leading independent radio station, because we do things differently; we innovate, particularly in the manner we generate most of our revenue.

Here's how this powerful system works:

Instead of collecting money for running ads, my station, hosts, and associates are all signed up as "distributors" for a seventeen year old nutritional supplement company called Youngevity, based in San Diego, CA but doing business in many countries worldwide.

Youngevity has over 600 products including health supplements, weight loss, skin care, mineral makeup, sports and energy drinks, and organic foods.

Here is our simple two part recipe for success:

(1) The hosts voice endorsement ads for their favorite products.

(2) Hosts do occasional interviews with our dynamic and charismatic health professionals.

Limitless Income Opportunity

This generates product sales which pay weekly and monthly commissions to the distributor hosts, stations, networks, and associates affiliated with me, the developer of this revenue concept back in September of 1996.

But it was only recently that I realized that what I and others with me have been doing all these years is truly "collecting royalties from radio" -- Because many of us continue to get paid over and over and over again for work that we did (ads that we ran) nearly eighteen years ago!

I continue to share this powerful business model with the industry I love and with those in the evolving new forms of media.

It costs only ten dollars to become a distributor associated with our media group (called "ZBS") and the training and use of our media tools is free after that.

Some of us make a few hundred or a few thousand extra dollars a month, and others make over six figures monthly. But in any case, it sure beats selling 30 and 60 second spots!

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